AD*Star and ProTex Cement Bags

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The AD ProTex/AD*Star bag  offers various advantages when compared to paper or sewn woven polypropylene bags:

Strenght:  woven poly pasted valve bags are significantly stronger than paper bags, and they have a signficantly lower breakage rate than sewn woven poly bags.  One recent test run of 100,000 bags resulted in a total breakage in filling and transport of 23 bags.  With the 2-ply bag, the breakage rate is even lower.

Less Materials:  these bags use significantly less materials.  While a paper cement bag runs about 170g, these bags typcially run about 70g.  This makes storing and transport much easier and saves money.

Pilferage-Resistant:  with a minimum headspace with low tolerances, pilferage is very difficult.

No Stitching or Glue:  stiching causes a performation which makes other bags eaasier to break open along the stich line.  Without stitching or glue, our bags are 100% recyclable without deconstruction, so the bag is not only stronger, is is more environmentally friendly.

Micro-perforation:  the new micro-perforation system means different blains of cement can be packed easily with minimal dust. The smaller micro-perforations also mean there is less moisture intrusion.

Stackability:  with a box-like shape, the bag is suited for easy transport and stacking. This also allows the use of bag in modern palletizing systems.

Better Use of Graphics:  the box shape also gives billboards for better use of graphics.  The filled bags have six full sides on which printing can be done, giving a better view to boservers and creating a better brand image.

Print Quality:  while similar is printing quality to paper valve sacks, it is much better than on other woven poly cement bags..

Rotopacker Friendly:  the bag works with modern rotopackers, and is suitable for both manual and automatic placement on the filling spout.

Counterfeit-resistant:  the bag is produced using state of the art equipment and is difficult to replicate without such equipment. This helps cement companies fight against counterfeiting.

These advantages of the bag bring no loss of cement while handling (savings), end user gets full weight of cement bag paid for (better reachability), creation of strong brand image and consumer pull due to better looking packaging solution (greater customer appeal), matching international standards and style of packaging and greater customer confidence.

These bags also have a wide range of uses outside the cement industry in market segments such as fertilizers, sugar, gypsum, chemicals, cereals,  plastic resins, salt, etc. Using a reverse printed three layer bag, it is imminently suitable for consumer products such as pet food, kitty litter, rice, and lawn and garden products.  With up to an 8" flat bottom, the packaging opportunities are endless.