AD*Star and ProTex Cement Bags

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Cement traces its name to the Roman opus caementicium.   Now, it is the mainstay of modern construction.  In 2010, the world production of hydraulic cement was 3,300,000,000 tons. 

Cement is brought to the end user by many means from huge shiploads to small bags of specialty cements.   In the 40-50 kg range, though, the AD*Star/ProTex bags now have almost 20% of the world market, and that percentage grows each year.

Both the AD*Star and the ProTex valve cement bags are superior to any other bag on the market.  The AD*Star is made on the STARKON line of machines made by Starlinger in Austria, and the ProTex bag is made on the Convertex line of machines made by Windmoeller & Hoelscher in Germany.  (The two companies developed the market together, but when they went their separate ways, they both continued to make the machines to manufacture the bags.)  For the end user, there is essentially no difference in the bags.

Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd., is a premier manufacturer of both of these bags.   We have both Convertex and STARKON machines in our facility.  We also make a 2-ply bag with a paper inner layer which is very well suited for packaging cement in humid, tropical climates.

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